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Traditional Welsh Clothing – The Origins

traditional welsh clothingThis traditional Welsh clothing went out of general wear from the 1880’s and selected parts of it became adopted as a National costume.  It was first worn by girls on Saint David’ Day just before the First World War and is now recognised at the National dress of Wales.  From then on it was worn by women at special events such as Royal visits, going to church, for photographs, by choirs and at Eisteddfodau (a Welsh festival of literature, music and performance). 

The young women who could afford the costume wore it for special events from the 1880’s and were seen as the spirit of the new Wales.  The costume became associated with success after the Welsh Ladies’ Choir dressed in Welsh costume and won a prize in 1983 at the Chicago World Fair Eisteddfod World's Columbian Exposition who went on to sing for Queen Victoria and performed at concerts throughout Britain.

The modern version of this costume is worn by girls on St David’s Day and is now commercially available to buy.  The design, colours and lace now come with a modern variation and are very different from that of the 19th century costumes.  These modern versions were mostly made for Welsh competing events where dancers needed to be comfortable and stood out from the other nations costumes.  They are now generally worn by dance teams and are based on the tailored gowns originally found in South west Wales.

Men’s traditional clothing consisted of a waistcoat, a grey or blue woollen jacket, a neckerchief, a pair of breeches, woollen stockings and a black felt hat which was either a bowler style or one with a low, drum-shaped crown with a broad floppy brim.  Their costumes were very similar to that worn by men in England so were rarely illustrated or described.

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