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Welsh Miners Lamp - Copper & Brass (Large)

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Finished in the rich tones of Copper and Brass, this attractive Welsh Miners Lamp has been crafted as an exact replica of the lamps used by Welsh Miners for many hundreds of years. Once used to light the dark tunnels below ground, now this piece of Welsh history can be displayed within your home. Fuelled with kerosene lamp oil, this large lamp features an official looking mine stamp to the front and large hook at the top for display. Presented in a beautiful presentation box, this lamp emits the gentle flicker of candle light through out any room, creating an ambient experience or simply providing an alternative to the harsh beams of electrical lights. A beautiful gift for any occassion.

Weighs more than 2.2 pounds 32 in diameter.

Measures approx: 23cm / 9'' tall.

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